1 - The cultural history of Nordfjordeid
2 - The place of the Parish Church in Eid
3 - The rise of the town Nordfjordeid
4 - Royal burial mound
5 - A powerful clan in the Viking age
6 - The Myklebust farm
7 - Lunden with a view to the shielings (sæter)

The heritage/historical trail – Sagaløypa

This tour takes you through Nordfjordeid’s cultural history. At its end you come to «Lunden», a small hill overlooking the fjord and the countryside around Nordfjordeid.

From start to finish the trail is approximately 1.5 km long and covers easy terrain. There are several options for the return trip. Using the QR-code access The Heritage/Historical Trails Website where you can find a map of the trails with supplementary information and audio files.